Custom Orders

Custom orders are very special and are handmade just for you, every step of the way. For this reason, the cost involved is generally more than the Ready-to-Ship available on this site and on Instagram. If you are looking for something unique but not ready to do a full custom order, you can check out the Made-to-Order items that allow you to customize a piece that has already been designed.

Design Ideas: Maybe you saw a piece that Lierreworks made for someone else or or you spied something on Instagram that inspired you. Or maybe it is something you envisioned and have always wanted, and you think that it would be a perfect match for the Lierreworks style and expertise. Gathering any and all information pertaining to what you are wanting Michelle to make for you will help with the process, even if its a rough sketch! Michelle will not copy other artists work or previous customs she has made, but she can take ideas from an overall concept and make it unique to you. 

Process: First, purchase a Custom Order Design Consultation. The cost is a non-refundable $50 deposit that is deducted from the total cost of your custom piece. This is just so we know that you are genuinely interested and ready to design something. After purchasing, Michelle will contact you via email or direct messenger to inquire about what you are wanting to have made and will then work with you on a design that you will love. If you choose not to go ahead the piece or you would like press pause on it, the design can be held for you indefinitely and can be put back into production anytime. However the estimated total is subject to a price change.

Production Time: Please note that the production time is generally 4-6 weeks, but may change during busy season. Once the piece is completed by Michelle and the invoice balance is paid in full, your Lierreworks piece(s) will be in the mail within 3-5 business days. 

Payment: A 50% non-refundable deposit of the estimated total amount, is the initial payment amount due at the time of the invoice being received. Once payment has been made, and you agree that the design is approved, it cannot be altered unless at the discretion of the artist.

-You can choose to cancel or pause the creation of the piece before any production has started and the 50% has been paid. If you need to make several payments overtime, that is allowed, but the piece will not be started on or any materials purchased until the 50% has been paid.

-Please note that the estimated production time listed above, starts at this point. The 50% deposit will not be refundable after production has started, which includes the initial purchase of stones or materials. A total "Pre-Pay" of the full invoiced amount is permitted at client's discretion. 

-Final payment for the remainder of the balance is due upon completion. Please handle your final payment as soon as possible- within 48 hours requested, but 5 business days is shop policy, (unless other arrangements have already been made). 

-Also, though rarely implemented, Michelle reserves the right for estimates to vary by as much as +/-15% from the actual final total, due to the nature of one-of-a-kind custom projects and fluctuating metal prices. Estimates do not include shipping and tax.

Shipping: As a standard, Lierreworks always includes shipping insurance, signature confirmation & tracking with ALL custom pieces when mailed for all domestic USA orders. These extra services are reflected in the shipping pricing, and the more expensive your piece the more expensive insurance is to purchase. Michelle puts her heart, soul, and love into all her pieces and believes that everyone should be able to share the peace of mind that her works of art are safely en route to their forever homes. An FOB Shipping Point is enforced, which means that the ownership is transferred to the client once final payment is made and order is shipped. Lierreworks cannot be held responsible for items that are lost or damaged in transit.